Make Your Own Waterproof Shoe Covers

If you don't live in a climate where you need a pair of expensive waterproof boots or you just don't want to buy any, Instructables user csymmank has a guide to making slipcovers for any shoe that will work in a pinch.

Using a pair of socks, velcro and duct tape, the process doesn't take a lot of effort, but the fact you can easily remove the covers makes it far more appealing than just wrapping your shoes in duct tape. While csymmank's guide is all about using these as bike shoe covers, it's easily applicable to any shoe. The slipcovers aren't pretty, but they'll certainly come in handy for that once-a-year storm where everything get drenched. Find the full details over on Instructables.



    The slipcovers aren’t pretty,

    No shit! You'll get laughed all the way to the loony bin!

    Our wet weather gear while travelling consists of small collapsible umbrellas for light, low wind, rain. These are quick to put up and you don't look such a dork as you do with a poncho.

    For heavier rain we use plastic ponchos (the $2 ones from Bunnings). They cover you completely including your day pack. If you're in the tropics you can still stay "cool" by holding the poncho up to let the air in which you can't do with any other wet weather gear.

    We used to have "good quality" nylon ones but after a year of so of being squashed at the bottom of our day packs the water proofing peeled off and the seams started to leak. We were at Plitvice Lakes in Croatia ( - paradise) earlier this year and the sky opened. Despite umbrellas and the nylon ponchos we got drenched.

    I bought the plastic ponchos when we got home. I bought extras and cut one up and used gaffer tape to extend the bottom of my poncho to my ankles (my partner is small so the standard length is OK for her). I have gaffer taped the side seams to stop them popping open. I have added one strand of three strand light weight electrical cable to the front bottom seam of the ponchos to keep them down in wind.

    So far so good. We both have water proof hiking boots so they don't let water in. However, the ponchos feed the rain directly into the top of the boots so they still get soaked.

    I have looked at gaiters but they are designed to keep sharp scrub out of your legs. All the ones I have seen stop at your ankles.

    What I envisage are plastic shoe covers that start at the knees where they are held in place with elastic and velcro or a loop and a button. They are open at the back to make them easy to get on with velcro sealing. More elastic etc at the ankles.

    They then flair out over the shoes.

    They are held in place by:

    * Drawing pins pushed into the side of the soles and fridge magnet strips on the covers;

    * Nails pushed into the sides of the sides of the soles and elastic loops on the covers; or

    * Electric flex in the bottom seam of the covers and let gravity hold them down.

    Does anyone know of a commercial product similar to my design?

    Does anyone have suggestions of alternative ways of keeping our shoes dry?

    Andrew Watson

    LOL.... if its that wet, buy a set of gumboots.

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