Make A Motion-Sensitive Light For The Bathroom

Getting up in the middle of the night and flicking on a bright overhead light in the bathroom so you can use it isn't the best way to wake up. To solve that problem, 43oh forum member Fred decided to make a simple motion-sensitive light for his bathroom.

Using a LED light, motion sensor, MSP430-PIR board and a 9V battery, he was able to create a low-intensity light that provided enough brightness to help him get around, but not so much that his night-vision was disturbed. It's a clever little trick for anyone who has ever turned on a bright bathroom light in the middle of the night and then had trouble getting back to sleep afterward. Find the full guide and code over on the 43oh forums.

Pee-Light Project [43oh Forums via Hack A Day]


    DO NOT DO THIS! My bathroom is all sensor lights, and in the middle of the night you get woken up with prison spotlights on you! Just put the hall light on...

    I say pee in the dark...
    sit down if you can't aim...
    lights at 3am is no good

    Or spend $4 and 5 minutes buying a plug-in motion sensor light from Woolworths.

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