Make A Cheap Teleprompter For Your LCD Monitor Or Tablet

With about $35 in parts, you can easily build your own teleprompter for delivering a video message or speech. This DIY prompter with camera mount fits a 10-inch LCD monitor, but is modifiable for an iPad or other tablet.

The video here from Indy Mogul shows all the materials you need, such as a 8x10 picture frame, as well as the free software used to auto-scroll your teleprompter copy. You'll need to be handy with a saw and drill, but otherwise the project looks very straightforward and simple.

You'll also learn that a distance of about three metres from the camera may be best for making eye movement less noticeable, meaning your news-anchor-like performance will appear more professional. For a complete materials list and other notes, see the YouTube page below.

How-to: $US35 DIY Teleprompter for LCD or iPad [YouTube]


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