Lifehacker’s Post-Christmas Survival Guide

The presents have been shared, the turkey and seafood have been eaten, and mad Uncle Milton has passed out in the backyard. Now you’ve got presents to exchange, phones to set up and hangovers to deal with. Make the task easier with this roundup of useful articles from the Lifehacker archives.

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  • Your Post-Christmas Guide To Refunds, Exchanges And Warranties
    We spend the months leading up to Christmas in a frenzy of shopping, but some of us then spend the days afterwards trying to exchange unwanted gifts or get faulty presents repaired. Know your legal rights before you hit the stores and you’re much more likely to get a good outcome. Lifehacker sums up your entitlements when it comes to refunds, exchanges and warranties.
  • Setup Guides Help You Make The Most Of Your New Tech
    Whatever new tech you found under the tree this Christmas, we can help you make the most of it. Hit our setup guides for a wealth of useful information on how to make the most of your new gadget.
  • Hangover Cures: Myth, Legend, Fact
    Hangovers rank right up there with drunk dialling your angry ex as one of the least pleasant drinking-related side effects. Stave off a hangover with these before and after tips — and skip the hangover myths.
  • Planhacker: Disposing Of Your Mobile Phone
    Buying a new mobile phone is always exciting, but in this mobile-saturated nation getting a new device invariably means working out what to do with the old one. Here’s Planhacker’s comprehensive guide to options for disposing of your old phone.
  • Dealing With Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts
    Research by eBay suggests that more than half of us will receive an unwanted Christmas present this year. That leaves you with three basic choices: ditch, sell or regift.
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