JB Hi-Fi Streaming Service Live, Offers Free One-Month Trial

Having revealed some pricing details last week, JB Hi-Fi has now officially launched its JB Hi-Fi Now streaming service. Anyone can sign up for a one-month trial, after which there's a range of subscription options on offer.

A 3-month subscription costs $25 ($8.33 a month), 6 months is $50 (the same rate) and 12 months is $80 (which is the previously announced $6.67 per month price rate). Right now, it's a computer-only affair, though mobile apps have been promised in the future.

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To register for the trial, you need to supply an Australian mobile number; no credit card details are collected up front. Go forth and listen!

JB Hi-Fi Now


    I hope that image up top there is from the press release. Reading the T&A and "not display or use any part of the Service or Content as a “screen shot”, wallpaper or

    Dunno if it's my works Internet connection or not but the site is very sluggish and annoying to navigate with non responsiveness

    Yay, streaming services in Australia! JB HiFi are onto a good thing, y'know, until rdio release over here. Then they're boned.

    Genuine question: What incentive is there to use this instead of Grooveshark, which is completely free?

    Grooveshark isn't licensed and operates in a bit of a legal grey zone.

    It's alright. I would rather just purchase my music via iTunes or that archaic technology of compact discs.

      I already broke it, it won't load songs now.

    Who was the moron who decided that the site should be Flash based?

    No metal? no thanks.

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