JB Hi-Fi Now Priced From $6.67 A Month

Back in August, JB Hi-Fi announced plans for a subscription streaming music service known as JB Hi-Fi Now and said it would appear before the end of the year. Its launch seems imminent, with the site now offering a link to register for further information.

The one new bit of information that emerges from that sign-up process is the price, which is said to be "from" $6.67 a month — a figure which suggests a price of $80 for a 12-month subscription. I'm too old-fashioned to prefer a streaming service over permanent ownership of physical media, but it's good to see some competition emerging.

JB Hi-Fi


    Lol I thought you meant their shares were trading at $6. I was about to go hog wild.

    Pandora and Spotify ftw $7/month for a US VPN, plus you get Hulu and add another $7/month for Netflix

    the title implies ownership of jb hi fi...

    I work at JB and they have opened the beta for staff only for now. It's an OK service.

    What do you get that you don't get with GrooveShark?

    I hope I'm wrong, but I believe GrooveShark are not long for this world.

    See http://www.zdnet.com.au/grooveshark-hit-by-music-piracy-suit-339326535.htm

    and dozens of other similar articles for more info.

    I'd pay that. Assuming they had tracks I would actually listen to.

      Yes.. assuming they had tracks I would actually listen to... therein lies my dilema for all of these streaming services.. heck, I have a hard enough time trying to find the songs I want from digital download stores let alone online stores selling physical media....

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