Has Ice Cream Sandwich Hit Your Nexus S Yet?

If you want a brand-new phone running Ice Cream Sandwich, then you can choose from a stack of carrier deals for the Galaxy Nexus. But if you picked up its predecessor, the Nexus S, during its brief period of availability from Vodafone earlier this year, you might also be in luck.

Reader James tells us that he's already been offered an update to Ice Cream Sandwich on his Nexus S. However, his partner, who also has the same phone, has not, which suggests the rollout is being staggered. Have you seen the update appear yet? Tell us in the comments.

Speaking of all things Vodafone and Galaxy-related, it's worth pointing out that Vodafone has dropped pricing on the Galaxy S II, making it available with no additional handset charges on its $29 plan. That sale runs between now and Christmas Eve. Thanks James!


    Download and Force Install ICA OTA today!!


      0. Assume the risk that flashing a ROM bring along with it
      1. Download the OTA .zip file here


      2. Rename it to update.zip
      3. Copy the file to your Nexus S' internal storage
      4. Turn your Nexus S off
      5. Hold down the volume-up and power buttons to reboot to the bootloader
      6. Use the volume key to select recovery, then press the power button to confirm
      7. When you see a warning triangle and arrow, hold the power button and press volume-up
      8. From the new menu select "apply update from /sdcard", and choose update.zip from the list.
      9. The update will apply, when finished choose "reboot system now"

    has anyone on Telstra got the update?

      yes, i do. woke up last Sunday morning and it was waiting for me.
      I'm on Telstra pre-pay.

    I got the update notification on my nexus s saying I can now update to Ice Cream Sandwich and that the phone will reset and install. So I did that and for some reason....it did not install it!...now when I check my system updates it says no updates available!! So how can I get Ice Cream Sandwich??

    Still have n't got it and this p***es me off because I was one of the first to receive Nexus S in the Australian pre-release last year. Whatever happened to good old priority queuing ? Time to bite the bullet and root I'm thinkin' !

    I think they're still staggering the updates - my mum and I got the updates but my wife and my dad still dont. My auto update failed the first time and when i tried checking for updates it was gone - said it was already up to date. I had to manually install it in the end.

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