Harvey Norman Busted For Misleading Ads

Harvey Norman Busted For Misleading Ads

Let’s all say it together: naughty Gerry! Harvey Norman has been fined $1.25 million by the Federal Court for misleading advertising.

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The fine covers two offences. Firstly, Harvey Norman promoted 3D televisions in its catalogues by noting that the AFL and NRL grand final would be broadcast in 3D, but failed to mention that only applied in a handful of capital cities (plus Newcastle, fact fans). Secondly, it ran ads in its catalogues over a period of years which conveyed the impression some specials were available in all its stores, when in fact those deals were only available in one store in each state. Justice Collier didn’t hold back in describing what she thought of such conduct, calling it

an expensive, misleading and calculated campaign of sizable proportions, characterised by blatant and deliberate disregard of the truth, cynical strategies to capitalise on contemporary sporting events (in the case of the 3D Conduct) and the contemptuous manipulation of the expectations of ordinary consumers in respect of so-called “fine print” (in relation to the Catalogues)

It’s a timely reminder that retailers in Australia can’t conceal significant detail about products or sales in fine print. We trust similar issues won’t dog Harvey Norman’s recently launched online store.

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  • I think it needed to be punished but $1.25mil are you kidding?

    The ACCC needs to start smashing the real issues with the corporate sector in this country instead of going for easy payouts.

  • God this guy. When will he just move on? (retirement, another company, I don’t care).

    *Disclaimer: I am talking about Gerry Harvey and NOT the hardworking people in his company! I wish them all the best and success in the future. Please don’t tear me to shreds like the last people who saw me say anything about this did.

    • *gently pats you on the head* don’t worry son, always remember that internet bullies have no girlfriends and masturbate too much, they can’t really hurt you

  • Hahaha… payback’s a beetch… lets see his response now? This is why i stopped shopping there a long time ago, over 10 years now and haven’t regretted it, online shopping is the way of the future.

  • He’ll sell another bunch of TVs to people who don’t need them and make that $1.5m back in a heartbeat. Fines for big companies are a joke unless they are seriously put-out, either monetarily or by other means (such as a ban on advertising for a period of time)

  • what always bothers me about “ACCC won” stories is that the actual people who were ripped off see no benefit…also, does the 1.5M payout to the ACCC even cover costs? i’d prefer that HN were forced to take out ads and have posters in their shops saying “we are liars and will do anything to rip you off”…that would harm them far more than 1.5M

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