Handy Shortcuts For Mobile Twitter

Handy Shortcuts For Mobile Twitter

Twitter’s recent interface update also included a major change for its Android and iOS apps. If you’ve made the switch, there’s a few handy new tricks you can use to get around.

The official Twitter blog highlights a few options that might not be obvious:

  • To jump to the top of the tab you’re in, tap on it once. Double-tapping any icon will switch to that tab and jump to the top. This is a lot faster than scrolling to the top of a list of tweets if you’ve been exploring.
  • Both platforms use the pull-down-to-refresh gesture. (I know lots of people love this; personally I’m not keen.)
  • On the iOS version, you can swipe up to see your direct messages, and swipe left to change accounts. (Neither option works on Android.)

The blog also reiterates a point we’ve made before: installing either mobile app will put you on the fast-track for having your browser experience updated as well. If it’s not entirely to your taste, you can move the timeline back to the left.

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