Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised

Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised

Being organised is not an optional choice here at Lifehacker; it’s a life philosophy. Share that philosophy with others by buying them a gift that will help them become more organised.

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In addition to this list, there’s also a wealth of software in our separate gift guides for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone that are also worth checking out as productive present ideas.


Dyson DC26 Hepa

Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised

Cost: $599.99 Where to get it: Dyson Why it’s a good choice: The Dyson remains the king of vacuum cleaners: many have copied its bagless philosophy, but I don’t hear the owners of cheap knock-offs raving about them the way that Dyson owners do. It’s not cheap, but if your gift recipient is lacking in the household tidiness department, the coolness of the Dyson might well inspire them to pull their finger out. We’ve picked the DC26 Hepa for its compact design. [imgclear]

Data Recovery Insurance

Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised

Cost: $50 (for three years cover) Where to get it: Covertec Why it’s a good choice: Even if you’re organised and have plenty of backup systems, you can get unlucky and have a crucial hard drive fail. Drive repairs bills can easily run into the thousands of dollars, so insurance is a sensible alternative — and an unusual gift idea. [imgclear]


Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised

Cost: $US199 Where to get it: Dropbox Why it’s a good choice: We love Dropbox, and we love the many ways you can upgrade your space allocation without paying a cent. But free upgrades have their limits, and for a dedicated Dropbox owner, a gift of 100GB of storage for the year would be extremely welcome. [imgclear]


Battery Storage Containers

Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised

Cost: From $2.25 Where to get it: Howards Storage World, homewares shops Why it’s a good choice: It’s always the same story with batteries — you store them in a drawer and they roll away under all the other junk. I’m a big fan of these dedicated battery storage containers, available for common sizes (AA and AAA being especially useful). [imgclear]

Keep Calm And Carry On Calendar

Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised

Cost: $25.99 Where to get it: Best Of British Why it’s a good choice: Yes, we’re big on electronic calendars here at Lifehacker, but some people function better with a desk calendar, and we’re not big on arguing with systems that work. And if you’re going to look at a calendar, why not make sure it inspires you every day? [imgclear]

Bekvam Spice Rack

Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised

Cost: $2.49 Where to get it: IKEA Why it’s a good choice: Organisation isn’t just for your working life — you need it in your kitchen too. Something as simple as a spice rack can cut down on kitchen clutter. (I keep my spices sorted in alphabetical order, but you may not want to go that far. [imgclear]

Gift Guide: Gear To Get Organised


  • I’d recommend CrashPlan+ instead of data recovery insurance. I’ve been using CP+ for the better half of this year and it’s worth it’s weight in gold. I’m backing up 300gb of photos and it’s all there either as individual files, folders as zip files or the whole lot in one great big archive file, should your drive go down the drain. And for only a few bucks more, you can get a family plan for several PCs.

    A craft box might also be good for those looking to organise an area, such as a desk at work or something. I have a small-ish box and it stores everything I need as an IT person including two screwdriver kits (big and small), pens and even software discs and licenses. And it was $20 from the Reject Shop, too!

  • Recommend the battery containers. I’ve had them for a few years now.

    If you look at them. Check out either the D sized boxes. You can fill them with AAs quite easily. And if you buy the bulk packs the extra space comes in handy.

    I don’t buy generics, but even Duracel or Energiser end up on 1/2 price sales often enough in the 20/24 packs that the 12AA battery container won’t hold them all.

    That an the Ikea Bekvam spice rack. Not just spices, but they can be re-purposed as book shelves or all sorts of other things. Easily painted too.

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