From The Tips Box: The Google Bar, Torrent Searches

Readers offer their best tips for customising the new Google bar, searching for torrents, and fixing problems when jailbreaking iOS 5.

Every day we receive boatloads of great reader tips in our inbox. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favourites. Got a tip of your own to share? Add it in the comments or use the contact form on the right.

Customise The New Google Bar With A Userscript

Bondoklife shares a userscript that lets you tweak the services that appear in Google's new header:

For all of us that love the new Google Bar, there tends to be one glaring problem with it: the lack of ability to customise the links. How do you remedy this? Install the Google Bar+ userscript.


  • Customisable menu items (including label, icon, and link)
  • Enables the new Google bar (when needed)
  • Provides a space saving tweak for the Google bar (Optional)
  • A number of preset menu items for users to choose from (and growing)
  • Inbuilt notification of new versions

The scripts home page has a number of images showcasing its benefits and options, Enjoy!

Use The Word "Magnet" In Torrent Searches

Java-Princess helps out those that use Google to search for torrents:

When you go to Google or Bing to search for torrents include the word "magnet" in your search. This will help select the useful sites and block a lot of the 'create an account' sites.

Solve An iOS 5 Jailbreaking Problem That Shrinks The Screen

E1M0 lets us know about a common jailbreaking issue:

I recently jailbroke my iPod touch, iOS 5, untethered, and installed Activator, and found that all of my apps only filled a quarter of the screen, and I couldn't find a way to fix it. Upon preforming a quick Google search, I learned I needed to boot into safe mode, But, I had yet to install SBSettings, so I was rather out of luck. then I remembered a new glitch that lets me put folders inside of folders, and causes the iPod to crash, and in my case, boot into safe mode, allowing me to solve my problem. You can find more info about the issue here.

Insert Thumbnails Into Facebook Chat

Graham shares a less useful, but fun tip for Facebook chat:

A friend recently showed me this: apparently you can insert little thumbnails of people's profile pictures in Facebook chat by double bracketing their Facebook username (the name that appears at the end of their profile URL. So, for instance, typing [[johnsmith]] would show a small thumbnail of John Smith's profile picture.

Even more fun is that you can insert small rage faces using these codes listed on Reddit.

This would be a lot more useful if the thumbnails were links to that person's profile or something, but I guess they're good for a laugh or two.


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