Four Corners iPad App Offers 75 Episodes

iPad: OK, here's your free Christmas viewing sorted. As part of the celebration of 50 years of its flagship investigative series Four Corners, the ABC has launched an iPad app that includes access to 75 classic Four Corners investigations, behind the scenes information and overviews of each decade the show has been on the screen.

The video itself is streamed to your iPad, so using a Wi-Fi connection would seem sensible. Still, with more than 70 hours of viewing (including two reports that were never actually broadcast), it seems like a great way to fill in the gap over the holidays. I just wish there was an Android version.

Four Corners 50 Years is a free download for iPad only.

Four Corners 50 Years [iTunes App Store]


    That's nice, except 4 corners has long since ceased to be a serious balanced program. It's just bias rubbish now.

      Obviously they're biased. You can tell that - they only released the iPad version (for aging Hipsters) and not an Android version for all of us aging Pinko Lefties.... C'mon ABC!! We'll have this to go with a side order of iVew, STAT!!

        Try their website:
        Almost all the same content plus more you'll find works fine on android devices.

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