Finger-Food Combination Generator Makes 500 Party Snacks

Finger-Food Combination Generator Makes 500 Party Snacks

Finger foods are great for Christmas parties, and the varieties you can make are almost endless. All you need are three ingredients: a base, spread and garnish. Mark Bittman’s finger-food combination generator is like a flowchart for foodies, and suggests hundreds of possibilities.

For the base, consider not just crunchy bread or pita chips, but also veggies that make great containers, like celery sticks. Add a spread (the “glue”) for the main flavour, such as hummus or pesto. Then, finally a garnish for added flavour and texture: minced bacon, perhaps, or nuts. Voila! Hors d’oeuvres for entertaining.

Follow the link below for the flowchart or share your favourite party food ideas with us in the comments.

The Holiday Finger-Food Combination Generator [The New York Times]


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