Facebook For Android Gets A Speed Boost

Android: Facebook's official Android app received an update today bringing a major speed boost, making it twice as fast as the previous version. It also adopts many of the user interface enhancements recently seen in the iOS upgrade, pushing much of the app's navigation to the sidebar.

Additionally, notifications can now be accessed from a bar up top. This update is available now in the Android Market for free.

Facebook for Android [Android Marketplace via The Verge]


    I still just use m.facebook.com because the apps, so far, severely limit the amount of interaction you have. Maybe this new version will alleviate that and I will definitely give it a try.. but I won't be holding my breath.

      This was my first thought too. m.facebook.com is still better and faster (on Voda anyway). The only thing the FB app was ever good for was tagging photos - but my phone can do that itself now! :--D

      (shameless plug for WP7.5)

    No updates for me yet?

    Yeah no update out yet.

    It's m.facebook.com not the actual application itself, very misleading article.

    Clearly no one at Life Hacker has a phone or uses Facebook, at least not on Android.

      Well m.facebook.com is still the same for me, clearly someone doesn't use Facebook, at least not on a mobile browser.

        I stand corrected, updated in bog standard browser, not in opera. My bad.

          Thats right Dani, stand corrected.


            Well my app has now updated to the new one (Just uninstalled and reinstalled) so imma crouch corrected now!


      No, it is the app itself. Follow the link to the Android Market, it's there with the new screenshots etc that shows the app itself has been updated. And the reviews section has people praising/complaining about the new interface - proves it's there.

        Can't see any such update through my market. Just the option to uninstall or open the application. Operating the app there isnt any changed noticed (in case it updated without my knowledge)


    According to the comments on The Verge (from which this article is based, and not fact-checked) - it's merely been Announced but with no specific release date specified.

    I went to the Market on my phone and I got an update (with the navigation bar as described), though if anything it seems slower than the previous version.

    Galaxy S.

    Update literally just became available on my phone. Galaxy S

      Just installed update on my Desire. It's so perty ^.^

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