Evernote Updates iOS Apps With Shared Notebooks

iOS: Evernote, the "everything bucket" notebook software for virtually every desktop and mobile platform, updated its iOS apps today. While the updates bring stability improvements across the apps, most notably is the new "Share Notebook" feature that allows users to share an entire notebook with others for group editing and collaboration.

Now you can quickly share notebooks and completely manage access controls directly from your iDevice of choice. Additionally, Evernote Premium subscribers can expect improved access to offline notebooks. For a full look at this update as well as how to access the new notebook sharing feature, hit up the full post over at the Evernote blog.

Evernote for iOS Update: Shared Notebooks, Offline Notebook Improvements and More [Evernote Blog]


    *yawn* OneNote has had this for ages. Granted, it's not available on every platform known to man but Evernote is still playing catchup IMHO :--p

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