Easy Tweak For A More Responsive Home Button

There's nothing like a quick recalibration to make your gadgets feel that much faster. In the case of your iDevice, you may have noticed your home button isn't a quick to bring up the Springboard as it used to be. If that's the case, this easy tweak might be exactly what you're after.

These steps are brought to us by Redmond Pie, so be sure to thank them when you can. There's nothing complicated about it at all and, after you're done, you should have a snappier home button. So, here's what you need to do.

1. Open up one of the built-in iOS apps. This can be Weather, Mail, Contacts... whatever. As long as it's one of the original apps on your device.

2. Hold the power button until the slide-off graphic appears. When it does, release the power button.

3. Hold down the home button until the slide-off graphics disappears. You should be back at the home screen.

That's it, you're done! I tried this on my iPhone 4 and it felt slightly snappier. If you've noticed your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch's home button isn't as quick as it used to be, there's no harm in giving this a go. Let us know your results.

How To Recalibrate iPhone Home Button To Make It More Responsive [Redmond Pie]


    What the hell is this black magic, it actually works!

    It probably puts this action to the top of the process queue somehow

    I saw this article a few days ago on Redmond Pie, but unfortunately had no effect on my iPhone 4.

    Tapping the Home Button once may bring up multitasking, or tapping it twice brings it to Spotlight Search. Extremely frustrating!!!

    Any tips?

      I have exactly the same problem with my iPod touch. From what I can see, it's a hardware problem (I.e. the button is broken), and I don't think it can be fixed by anything other than replacing the device, which I sadly can no longer do. My work around is to find there part of the button I can press which works properly, which for me is the top left corner. Good luck!

    My home button has always been snappy so I don't see the point of this

    Wow! This is brilliant!!!!!!! I can't believe how much of a diff this makes. I guess you need to use ur phone a lot, and download lots of apps - for those saying it's made no diff

    It's working whatsoever. In my opinion, any positive effected are either imagined or coincidental and certainly don't last. I'm getting my iPhone 4 replace due to its faulty home button. Can't even multitask anymor,e which is extremely frustrating. :(

      * It's NOT working whatsoever. Should proof read better. :)

    Damn. It worked! Or at least, it did in my perception it did...

    It does indeed work.

    Are you able to explain what it's doing and is it a temporary or permanent fix?

    Or if this doesn't work just replace the home button. Mine was annoyingly unresponsive due to overuse causing wear to the metal tab spring behind the home button. eBay has replacements for like $8! Make sure you get the one with the connector tape tho.

    Home button works a great again.
    It was getting sluggish and unresponsive, but it's back to its original form. Thank you.
    I have heaps and heaps of apps. I choose the weather app to do this on.
    Also using iOS 5.01.
    Thank you!

    Don't see any improvement, must mean my home button was already snappy enough?

    A friend did this for me the other day and it sped up the home button return for sure,
    but my 'words with friend's ap has NOT worked since then. Are these things related?
    It is a very big coincidence.
    I'd rather have a slow home button and the ability to still use Words personally.

    Fail :(

    worked for me.

    Really works folks don't have to get button changed now!!

    hahahahahaha....so funny..works great for my iphone 4!! keep loughing and wondering...thanks a lot!!

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