Don't Do The Dumb Dog Christmas Gift Thing

Bottom line: an iTunes card is an acceptable last minute gift idea or unexpected surprise present. A dog is not.

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In its annual press release reminding people not to be irredeemably stupid and buy a dog without careful forethought, Dogs NSW makes the point that a pet can be a great Christmas present, providing you've thought it through first. As vet Dr Peter Higgins puts it:

Puppies shouldn't be chosen as a last minute present to make children smile on Christmas day, but that doesn't mean bringing one into the family as a Christmas present is careless. So long as you consider what you want from a dog and choose the breed accordingly, they can become very important members of the family. Buying a dog as a family Christmas present is not irresponsible, but buying one as an impulsive gift is, and can have serious consequences.

If you do have a dog, don't forget to buy them a present. I usually favour something edible for the "instant gratification" factor.


    Very true, the amount of displacement that animals suffer due to the silly decisions of humans "omg so cute! I gotta have" is terrible. Our animal shelters are full as it is, don't ever impulse buy animals!

      Its not actually. (sorry phone posting)

      The numbers in the shelters coming in after christmas are pretty low.

        'Agreed!' was stating impulse decisions in general, not specifically those relating to christmas.

    I'd be far more offended by getting an itunes card.
    Even a lump of coal would be preferable.


      Yes, you could at least put coal in a fireplace and obtain heat from it next winter.

    A Christmas present for my dog, (8 months) is to lose 10kg. He's a huge Golden Retriever, in both height, length and width.

    So far, he's list 3kg in a week.

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