DIY IKEA Sarlacc Laundry Basket

We're big advocates for laundry hampers in the bedroom, but one common flaw is throwing clothes towards the hamper and not quite making it in. This simple hack applied to IKEA's $14.99 Fyllen laundry hamper ensures everything lands in place.

Pierre added a cardboard neck and supports, allegedly inspired by the Sarlacc from Star Wars. It's an easy hack but one that makes sense if you constantly find clothes scattered near the basket rather than in it.

Laundry monster basket [Pierre Vedel via IKEA Hackers]


    I separate my laundry into four or five piles before washing, find me a solution that doesn't involve four or five big baskets

      Try collecting it all in one basket, and then sorting it prior to wash time.

      It's complicated, but works quite well.

    Or you can just learn to throw...

    The amount of dicking around building this silly thing is a waste of time, Plus it takes the fun out of that free throw and your punishment for missing is having to walk up and put it in manually!

    I thought this was Lifehacker not Ghettohacker.

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