DIY IKEA iPhone Camera Mount

Want a versatile camera mount for your iPhone 4? Take one $20 Tertial lamp, some suction cups and a bit of DIY, and you're in business.

This project involves a certain amount of drilling, so it isn't a casual hack, but the end result should help stabilise your photos. Hit the link for full instructions.

iPhone 4 Camera Mount from Ikea Desk Lamp [MakeProjects via IKEA Hacker]


    Um, what has this to do with the iPhone4? With suction cups, it will work with anything with a flat back, which is pretty much any camera and phone on the planet. You know, like even a *real* camera...

    That said, unless you're using a self timer, a spring mount won't stabilise photos. Not rigid enough. Good idea for webcams though.

    I can't believe that lamp costs $20 in Australia, yet only £8 in the UK. I think they got the exchange rate wrong.

    Nice idea though.

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