Disable Chrome Extensions With One Button

Now that more of you are using Chrome than ever before, it's also likely you're using more Chrome extensions than ever before. Disable All Extensions, as the name implies, gives you one button to enable or disable all of your Chrome extensions quickly without restarting the browser, or select individual ones to toggle or uninstall whenever you choose.

While there aren't many situations where you'd need to disable or uninstall all of your extensions at one time, it does make sense to be able to disable or uninstall one with a single click instead of having to go into the extensions manager. Disable All Extensions adds a single button to your toolbar that gives you control over all of your installed add-ons.

Disable All Extensions Plus [Chrome Web Store via CyberNet News]


    download an extension
    that disables all extensions.

    why do you make us do this, google

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