Dealhacker: Virgin Mobile Broadband For $19

From now until next Tuesday, Woolworths is selling the prepaid Virgin Mobile dongle with 4GB of data for $19. This deal comes up pretty frequently: I think it's now official Lifehacker advice to never purchase a full-priced Virgin dongle. [Woolworths via OzBargain]


    Can I take out the sim card and just plug it into an iPad?

      Pretty sure this uses a normal sim. ipad needs a micro.

    The last Virgin Mobile SIM I purchased was an either/or type (Normal size SIM, but perforated so you could break off the ends and turn it in to a Micro SIM). If it's not, you could always grab one of those SIM hole punch thingies (like ) or find a friend who already has one

    Take out the Virgin SIM and put a $2 Woolworths Mobile SIM in and you'll have yourself 5GB for $29 for 45 days.

      Woolworths Mobile SIM's also come in standard AND Micro SIM. Just ask at the service desk.

      I purchased a $2 Woolwoths SIM & topped it up with $29 via my 2G phone. I unlocked my Virgin dongle but when I insert the Woolies SIM,, it just hunts for a few seconds , then comes up 'Connection Terminated'. Any ideas / help would be appreciated.

    Let's not forget the Amaysim SIMS! just $9.90 for 1GB and $2 micro SIM cards from woolies! :)

    You may need to hunt around a bit to get this deal. In Adelaide today at about 2pm the Rundle Mall store had sold out (but apparently were getting more stock before the deal ends next Tuesday). Conversely the Cumberland Park were still waiting for stock. I finally found one to buy at Woodcroft Plaza woolies.

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