Dealhacker: Two Decent Mac Bundles

Mac: We've posted a few software bundles in the past, which usually offer at least a couple of apps of interest at a large discount. This week both MacUpdate and ProductiveMacs put together two very compelling bundles with some pretty great software.

The $US40 Productive Mac Bundle offers a lot that we like in its mix of eight apps. For starters, the otherwise-overpriced menubar calendar Fantastical is included. You also get Circus Ponies Notebook, which is a great option for anyone who needs to take and organise their notes; Tags, which will let you tag your files and folders for easier searching; BusyCal, which will give you a very feature-rich calendar; and much more.

The $US50 MacUpdate Bundle offers 12 apps for an average price of about $US4.17 each. It includes the very handy TechTool Pro 6 for diagnosing your sick Mac's problems, the Finder-enhancing and feature-adding TotalFinder, the system-wide audio improving Hear, one of our favourite mail apps Postbox 3, an enormous royalty-free font pack, and plenty more.

Both bundles are still a good deal even if you're only interested in a couple of apps. If you're not sure you want to buy, they're available for a little longer than the next two weeks so you have some time to decide.

The Productive Mac Bundle

MacUpdate Bundle


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