Dealhacker: JB Hi-Fi One Night Sale

It's a familiar sight on the calendar: JB Hi-Fi is holding a one-night sale, which kicks off from 6pm tonight. The most notable specials from a Lifehacker perspective are 20 per cent off CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, 15 per cent off most computers, and 10 per cent off Apple computers. Christmas lists ahoy! [JB Hi-Fi via OzBargain]


    Wow. I'm more looking forward to finally grabbing a cheap Xbox360. $169 is cheap in anybody's books, and I happen to have a spare 8GB USB stick handy. Wewt!

      *remembers how much he paid for his older gen xbox which is still noisy, and weeps*

      Still worth shopping around, Harvey Norman have it for $158 []

      Can you use USB sticks for extended storage?

      Harvey Norman has Xbox 360 4gb for $158 today.

    10% off TVs isn't great for JB. Myer have 23.5% off TVs the next 3 days if you're a Myer 1 member (and 15% if you're not - but it's free to join and takes 2 seconds)

    10% off Apple computers is good. 20% of DVDs not so good.

    Jb had these same deals in Melbourne last Friday. But I picked up the DVD I was after at Big W for 35% less than jb and it wasn't even reduced.

    Depends what you're after spose.

    I went to JB HiFi on Saturday and they had the same deals. Not sure what's so special about this one night sale.

    If they can take PS3 down to $200 then im sold

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