Daily App Deals: Get SoundHound For 10 Cents

The Daily App Deals post is a round-up of the best app discounts of the day, as well as some notable mentions for ones that are on sale.

The Best

SoundHound ∞ (Android Market) Previously $4.99, now 10¢ . SoundHound ∞ for Android identifies songs for you instantly, whether you are listening to them through speakers, singing them yourself, or even humming a tune. You can also get song lyrics and song previews as each tune plays. Get it for 10¢.




The Rest



    The free version of Soundhound is good enough, but for 10cents why not get the full one?

    I got the 10c one last week, this is a double-up from the Android sale. I noticed they doubled-up a couple of times.. but can't really complain.

    Soundhound is really, really good and accurate too. I have never used Shazam, so I don't know how it compared but SoundHound is even able to identify world music as well. Often, with many music based apps, I find them lacking when it comes to Chinese and Taiwanese music and musical groups but SoundHound had no trouble with anything I through at it... even obscure covers of English songs that had been sung by a Chinese artist.. :)

      I must say though that singing the tune or humming the tune has not worked for me.. it does offer suggestions but none have been correct.. but then I am not a very good singer.

        Soundhound is better than Shazam by a mile

    I'm not worried about the 10c lol, but whats the paid version have that the free one doesnt?

      I have wondered about this as well and this is the only difference given on their web site (apart from being ad-free):

      "... if you have an Android phone, you'll gain access to a home screen widget, which allows you to identify music without launching the application. In addition, there is much more to come in 2011!"

      2011 is almost over so I don't know how much more can still some. Also, ADWLauncher EX already lets me access the widget of SoundHound free version somehow ;-)

        Hrmm.. I figured it would be ad-free.. but maybe not.. in any case, you also get to support the developer :) hehe

          It does remove the ads. (I should have phrased my reply better I guess)

      It also gives you unlimited tags per month, whereas the free version gives only 3 tags per month.

        Free version has unlimited tags

    I bought it for 5 dollars yesterday.

    I mean its only 5 dollars but.....it could have been 10c ;(

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