Convert A Chest Freezer To A Kegerator

Convert A Chest Freezer To A Kegerator

Kegerators can be a great way to keep beer on tap in the house, but they’re expensive to build or purchase, which is why Instructables user MrBippers put together a guide to converting a chest freezer to a kegerator for just $US20.

The real trick here is that this guide uses a cheap, custom-installed temperature controller. It turns out, hacking in your own can save you quite a bit of money, and it doesn’t seem to take too much to do yourself. MrBippers’ version doesn’t have the front side tap and instead has a picnic tap connected directly on the inside, but for $US20, it’s hard to complain. If a kegerator isn’t your thing, you can also convert it into a fermenter. You can find the full guide over on Instructables.

Convert a chest freezer to kegerator or fermenter for $US20 [Instructables]


  • Most temperature controllers can be installed in the middle of a extension cord or power board.

    Much safer and easier for resale, when you haven’t fiddled with the electronics of the fridge too much. Also, the temperature controller can be moved to different fridges.

  • If you make a timber collar that fits between the chest and the lid you can drill it to fit permanent taps. Can be made to look quite smart with judicious use of stain and varnish

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