Chromium Lime Now Supports Chrome OS On Many More Laptops

Chromium Lime Now Supports Chrome OS On Many More Laptops

We’ve shown you how to turn your netbook into a Chromebook with Chromium OS, but if you found that your laptop’s Wi-Fi or graphics card wasn’t supported, there’s a good chance Chromium Lime — Hexxeh’s new build of Chromium OS — could work.In our original guide to installing Chromium OS, we used the vanilla builds from developer Hexxeh. They were great, but didn’t work on every device out there, and if your device wasn’t fully supported, you were kind of left out in the cold. Now he’s created a new build called Chromium Lime, which adds drivers that you see in a ton of other machines, including Broadcom Wi-Fi cards, Ralink Wi-Fi cards, Realtek Wi-Fi cards and NVIDIA graphics cards. It also comes with Java, fewer system requirements and other enhancements. If you tried installing Chromium OS before and it didn’t work, give it another shot with these new builds — there’s a very good chance your machine is now supported. And, if not, you can hit up Hexxeh on Twitter and ask him to support your hardware — he’s looking for suggestions on other drivers to add. Hit the link to check it out.

Chromium OS Lime [Hexxeh via Engadget]


  • i’ve installed this on 2 different usb sticks using win32diskimager & tried it on 2 different pc’s, but none of them have worked. neither of these pc’s have detected either usb sticks upon boot… lame

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