Chrome Usage Surpasses Firefox For The First Time

Chrome Usage Surpasses Firefox For The First Time

The browser wars are heating up. According to statistics gathered by web analytics company StatCounter, global usage in November of Google Chrome overtook Firefox for the first time ever. The current numbers:

  • Internet Explorer: 40.63%
  • Google Chrome: 25.69%
  • Mozilla Firefox: 25.23%
  • Safari: 5.92%
  • Opera: 1.82%

If the trajectory of that graph holds, it looks like IE has a big target on its back — which is both awesome and a little frightening (I can’t be the only one who has a healthy dose of Google fear).

Chrome Overtakes Firefox Globally for First Time [StatCounter]


  • I’m an ex-FF user, and loving Chrome now…but I dont really care…as long as that hideous Blue line continues it’s downward trend the world will be a better place 🙂 By October 2014…it should be gone.

    • that blue line isnt going to dive too far, it has a legacy of older, unskilled users because its the default on windows OS’s.
      By October 2014 maybe Chrome will meet the IE line around 35%?

  • I’m a FF to Chrome back to FF user. Chrome just loves to record everything you do so google can sell the information to advertising companies. With FF you can disable all history and cache for maximum awesomeness.

  • Chrome is great for getting your screen back. Most of my screen now is webpage, not search, url, toolbar, top bits, more icons, more toolbars, etc.. etc….

  • I’m amazed why more people don’t use Opera. It’s an amazing browser and my personal favourite (I’ve tried IE, FF and Chrome). They come up with new ideas way before any of the others, they offer an excellent consistent experience across desktops and mobile devices (all synched in the cloud) and amazing performance.

    • I’ve been using Opera for the last 10 years or so. I’ve tried switching out many times over that time, but none are anywhere near as good. Mouse gestures are just perfect (and have been tried by others, but they fall short). Will continue to use Opera for as long as it’s a head above the best.

  • I used to love FireFox until FireFox 4 came out. Ever since then it’s been shit and buggy.

    Constant freezes, lags, and fails to even connect some times. And not just one PC, it happens on all of them. A computer that freezes for at least one second anoys me. IE is even worse with the freezing. They need to change their HomePage from NineMSN to something else less resource intensive.

    With Chrome, never had a problem yet.

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