Buy US iTunes Cards From Best Buy And Walmart Using Australian Credit Cards

It's relatively easy to set up a US iTunes account, but adding credit to it when you want to buy releases through the US store can be fiddly. Friend of Lifehacker and occasional guest editor Anthony Caruana points out that both Best Buy and Walmart will accept payment from Australian credit cards for US iTunes gift cards, giving you an easy way to add money to your US account without needing to use eBay or begging friends to help.

Those options are particularly useful if the sites in question have a special; right now, for instance, Best Buy have 15 per cent off. But even at full price, using a known retailer is less risky than the eBay route, and both will email your iTunes code so you can use it straight away. Definitely worth bearing in mind if you like the wider range of options that the US store generally provides. Thanks Anthony!

Best Buy



    Nice! Have been looking for a convenient way to access discounted US itunes cards. Just bought US$50 credit for US$42.50 from Best Buy

    Best Buy is also useful for buying US PSN codes.

    Great tip! Worked for me too... just bought US$100 iTunes card for US$85 from BestBuy, sweetened by the Aussie Dollar at parity. They accept AMEX too (take THAT PayPal). Took just over 12 hours for digital-delivery but got here in the end.

    Best Buy no longer allow you to use an "international" credit card to buy iTunes cards.

      Seems we both just found this out recently, doh!

    ...and Walmart's dried up too. ....sigh .... more expensive but you still have access to the US store.

    I get my iTune cards from a $25 card is $26.99 a $50 card is $51.99 which is one of the smaller uplifts I have seen. For the initial 2 buys the code came in 24hrs - after that it comes through in an hour or two depending on time

    the best so far is , $100 iTunes for $95 after facebook coupon for 5% off. They deliver to the world.

    Tried couple of times, they are good. Also they have good deals.

    I can suggest you all buy only scanned iTunes cards which only few websites carry, I buy years from , only reputable worldwide email delivery trusted iTunes USA gift cards seller.

    There are numerous places that now sell itunes cards for discounts including:

    I have used quite a few of these websites, has issues with delivering the cards in a reasonable time, and usgiftcodes is good, but i've had 2 cards go bad from there as well.

    So...How do you do it? I keep receiving an error because the phone number does not match my bank account number. And using my Australian number will not be accepted in the system as a valid number.

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