BitDefender Carrier IQ Detector Expands Android Options

We've already highlighted a couple of tools which you can use to detect the Carrier IQ software that's causing such controversy on Android and iOS phones. Security software developer BitDefender has now also released a detection tool which can tell you if the intrusive code is present on your device.

Like the open source tool we highlighted on the weekend, you can run this one without having to root your phone, which makes it an easier option than the first detection tools we saw. Also like that tool, it won't actually remove Carrier IQ; for that option, you need the full (paid) BitDefender Mobile Security suite.

Carrier IQ Finder [Android Market]


    One thing that has missed media coverage with the whole CarrierIQ thing, is that any aftermarket ROM compiled from AOSP code (such as CyanogenMod, MIUI etc) are all CarrierIQ free. Any such software is either added by the carrier in OS updates, or bundled on the phone by the manufacturer on the carrier's behalf.

    Because AOSP code comes straight from Google, it cuts out the middleman and leaves out the crap.

      The fact that the after-marker ROMs, particularly CyanogenMOD, do not have the CIQ "app" has been highlighted previously by Gizmodo articles. However it is definitely becoming very clear that it is not a device or O/S related thing but a carrier related thing. People outside the USA are reporting that CIQ is not on their devices and people within the USA are saying it is....

    The guys that make the security software Lookout for Android also have a detection app. For what it's worth my Samsung S didn't have Carrier IQ installed.

      It wasn't detected on my Vodafone HTC Desire HD either.

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