Best Web App Lifehacker Award Winners

The winners are still coming in the 2011 Lifehacker Awards. Today we reveal the reader and editor picks for best web app.

Readers’ Choice: Gmail

Fast, flexible, and easy to search, with seamless Android integration and pretty good options on most other mobile platforms, Gmail is the organisational underpinning which many Lifehacker readers rely on. It was the clear victor in this category, and remains the email system of choice for the majority of our readers. While it has undergone a major revamp recently, those changes are easily mastered.

Editor’s Pick: Google Reader

Sure, last month I reamed out Google for the design changes it made to Reader, none of which notably improved the interface. But while I’m still annoyed by those changes (for pity’s sake, Google, put the unread count on the main page!), Reader is the most crucial web app I use, and I’ve yet to find any RSS-reading alternatives with the same keyboard and mobile phone support. In other words: the changes bite, but it’s still awesome.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! You can still vote in the remaining open categories, and we’ll have more results throughout the week.

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