Best Security Suite Lifehacker Award Winners

Best Security Suite Lifehacker Award Winners

It’s time for the final winner in the 2011 Lifehacker Awards. Who walks away with the reader and editor picks for best security suite?

Readers’ Choice: Microsoft Security Essentials

Best Security Suite Lifehacker Award Winners

If you had told me five years ago that the dominant force in the free security software space would be Microsoft, I’d have laughed in your face. But Microsoft Security Essentials was the overwhelming winner in this category. It’s not as comprehensive as any of its paid competitors, but for people who just want a basic, no-fuss security solution, it’s plenty good enough.

Editor’s Pick: Anyone using a security suite

Best Security Suite Lifehacker Award Winners

Disturbingly, I still run into plenty of people who argue that they don’t need malware protection because they’re skilled enough to not make any of the common mistakes that lead to problems. This is delusional thinking. New vulnerabilities emerge all the time, and no person is capable of ensuring they don’t have them all. So my vote goes to anyone who goes to the (minimal) effort to ensure they have a fully-patched and fully-secured machine. More power to you. Picture by Pascal

Thanks again to everyone who voted in all our categories.


  • It is quite disturbing that some people still believe they don’t need malware protection because they don’t make mistakes.
    Leading edge hackers don’t rely on mistakes. If you don’t have an internet security suite or anti-virus program, any skilled hacker can get into your PC using a new or recent exploit.

    There are also legal issues involved. If your internet banking session is hacked most banks will only cover your losses if you have proper malware protection installed.

  • Oh, by security suite you ment antivirus. I was coming here hoping to see an award given to Cain and Able, Wireshark, Snort, Nmap, Airplay, or one of the other security based programs. Maybe this article should be amended so that its not lauding an antivirus/firewall as the best suite for security programs around.

  • Once I found out about MSE, I have had it running… why they can’t have MSE by default but can have IE by default, I dunno.. but MSE is pretty damn good.. just wish their MalWare thing, which is on by default, was a little less system resource hogging.

  • I’ve been using MSSE since it was in beta. I was big on avg until i started using MSSE. It just sits there, no popups, no notifications. simple interface. Install it and let it be. It’ll obviously alert you if it detects something. I’ve never had any issues with crashes or over use of resources.

  • You have to be kidding? You should not rely on any security suite. They seem to be dedicated to only one thing;either virus scanning, malware scanning or being a firewall. You should rely on a dedicated virus scanner, a dedicated malware scanner and a dedicated firewall as separate products. I have NEVER come across any security suite that is adequate for basic security. Angus Kidman you say a year ago that you would laugh in someones face if they said Microsoft Security Essentials would become the dominate force in n the free security software space, well I laugh in your face because for any antivirus/malware package to be good enough for basic security now days, its definitions need to be updated constantly, and Microsoft Security Essentials is not and there are plenty good FREE security software tools out there that do. There best thing for security is to rely on separate dedicated products like I already stated, that update several times daily (even then you still have security holes that are just waiting to be exploited) but security comes down to a security conscious mind, not the type of software you are using.

  • in some cases however you dont need antivirus, like you know if you are using a mac, i’m not saying that macs don’t get virus’, i’m just saying that they are uncommon and patches are often offered by apple within 24hours of a reported risk!

  • the reason why MSE updates come as optional update in windows update is because, every computer does not have MSE installed as there are other antiviruses as well. so for the same reason as office updates come as optional update, MSE update come as optional

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