Be Wary Of Missing Dollar Signs While Shopping

There are plenty of clever tricks supermarkets pull to make you think you're getting a deal, but the Huffington Post points out one of the strangest, which is omitting dollar signs from price tags.

Photo by Carl MiKoy.

In a breakdown of a few of the ways supermarkets trick you into thinking you're getting incredible deals, this one stands out a little. It turns out, researchers at Cornell University found people spend more money when the dollar sign is missing at restaurants, and it seems the same premise is being used by some grocery stores. Consider this a word of warning, if a price tag is missing the dollar sign or the word "dollar", think twice before you buy it. Find a few more tips over at the Huffington Post.

How Supermarkets Trick You Into Spending More Money [Huffington Post]


    restaurants are now writing prices without last zero. e. g. 19.5 instead of 19.50. and of course no dollar sign. probably all past of the same game.

    If your brain thinks you are getting a bargin because you see '19.50' or '19.5' and not '$19.50' wise up and stop blaming stores for deceptive practices.

    For the people who are confused by this concept. A ton of feathers weighs the same as a ton of lead.

      Yes, but 19.5 feathers and 19.5 pieces of lead don't.


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