BBC iPlayer App Now Works On iPhone, Touch

BBC iPlayer App Now Works On iPhone, Touch

We liked the BBC’s iPlayer app when it rolled out in January, but it was only an option for iPad. From December 8, iPhone and iPod touch owners will also be able to install the app and access the service.

It’s worth reiterating that the iPlayer app isn’t a window into the iPlayer streaming service the BBC offers to UK residents; it’s a separate collection of curated content, and you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access most of that content. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the most impressive TV applications we’ve seen for mobile devices. While the iPad version obviously has the advantage of a larger screen, having a selection of downloaded TV episodes on your phone could be just the thing for commuters. We’re also hopeful that the appearance on a smaller device means that the BBC will make good on its promise to release an Android version.



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