Australia To Have 35 Million Active SIMs By 2015

Australia is continuing its trend of having more mobile connections that people. An analysis by Telsyte suggests that the total number of mobile subscriptions in Australia will rise from 29 million this year to 35 million in 2015.

Picture by Karl Baron

As you'd expect, that's because many of us are acquiring second SIMs for use in mobile broadband or on tablets. (Clearly, tethering isn't all that just yet.) A second growth area is machine-to-machine (M2M) SIMs, used for applications such as security and automation.

How many active SIMs do you own? My personal total is six, but I'm a freak example since I keep SIMs for testing purposes.


    2 that I use at the moment. A couple I don't use regularly.

    Might also be a great many people with two phones, one for work and one personal. Lots of people at my work do this, my neighbour has the same.

    Nice Japanese keyboard on the MacBook!

      More like who knew Carl Barron's name changed when he went overseas!

    Six. Was seven while I was on Optus, as I needed a telstra prepaid to actually make calls.

    I use two...One for my normal day to day calls and one for international calls.

    umm, spelling mistakes...... and if you are going to publish statistics, you pretty much must reference the research, link?........ another dark day for internet journalism.

    Wow, I feel like a huge outlier ad far as nerds go. Only one active SIM. Do have a wifi-only tablet that I tether though.

    Active is debatable. I have two with credit, a couple recently expired 9as I moved provider) and a few more in my name (including a couple for relatives passing through the country earlier in the year).

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