Add Rope Lighting Under Your Bathroom Cabinets

We've previously looked at some great ways to achieve ambient lighting with and without rope lighting. If you have some to spare, consider running them underneath your kitchen or bathroom cabinets or island to make sure you never stub your toe in the middle of the night again.

Of course, to really never stub your toe again, you'll have to have them toggled to a light switch or another switch you can toggle when you walk into the kitchen. This setup, from the folks at DIY Network, definitely favours form over function, but there's no rule that says you can't have both. If you connect these lights to a plug that can be toggled easily, the result is attractive under-cabinet lighting that adds some atmosphere and offers subdued light that won't blind you if nature calls in the wee hours.

Do you have any other creative applications of rope lighting to share? Let's hear them in the comments below.

Maximizing Space, Light, and Style in the Bathroom [DIY Network via Apartment Therapy]


    nice idea, but team it with a PIR sensor and an auto dimmer/fader so it toggles on as you walk near and you've struck gold

    reminds of those lights you see under cars :)

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