Your Tour Of The New Lifehacker Australia

Yes, Lifehacker has a new look! We're rolling out a new look across all the Allure sites this week. Here's an overview of what has changed, and what will be coming in the near future.

We know that whenever there's a design change on a familiar site people complain — heck, we've done that ourselves — but the aim is to make the site easier to read and navigate, not to radically change the way it works.

We've tested pretty hard, but inevitably stuff will get broken when there's a change on this scale. Let us know if you see any random bugs and weirdness, either through the comments or by hitting the Contact tab on the right.

The obvious big new feature is the Top Stories block, which lets you easily slide through six stories representing the crème de la crème of our most-recent content. It's effectively replacement for the old right-side Editor's Picks box. We're also using that top section to highlight Regular features such as Planhacker, Road Worrier and Ask Lifehacker for easy access. (In the near future, we'll also have listings of the most commented and most popular posts.)

You'll also notice that our seven key categories are now colour-coded, which makes navigation easier. We've made images larger, improved tags (for tag-based navigation), and made the content area about 10 per cent wider on both articles and the main listing of articles. Our comments feed now also supports Gravatars, so you can add your picture to comments.

Finally, page load times should be better thanks to faster image servers, streamlined code, plus slightly fewer ads and improvements with how they're displayed.

One final quick point, before anyone asks or suggests it: no, this isn't based on the redesign that happened on the US site earlier this year. We run entirely different code bases for our sites, so when it comes to design, it's an all-local effort. Let us know what you think, and if you encounter any teething issues, in the comments.


    Again, I don't like it. Looks too much like Kotaku. If you are going to do this, at least make each site have different default colours because I thought I was still looking at Kotaku when it changed.

      a little tip Barry. The name of the site is up the top.

    Not a fan of Kotaku myself, so I don't frequent, but this new look seems sharp enough to me, hopefully they'll get to Giz soon.

    thats why google rushed their updates to Reader and Gmail....they heard Lifehacker was updating ;-)

    Same problems as Kotaku here.... the banners at the top are gigantic and the comment box doesn't really have good contrast (although it does look slightly better than yesterday on Kotaku)

    Will you still be having the annoying full background ads? I know you're ad supported, and refrained from blocking ads here for that reason until they started to appear. If they're a thing of the past I'll stop blocking the other less annoying and faster loading ads

    I don't mind it... It's funky and pretty sleek. Though this font in the comment text editor is hideous.

    The redesign looks OK to me, but nothing special really. I have an ad blocker on - specifically because the ads on Allure sites annoy the hell out of me - and it just looks weird with all that empty space.

    I also noticed that there is no place for a website in comments anymore.

      Yeah, why no website link there anymore? I really liked that feature, and did get a number of hits on my site from curious people.

        Probably saves a whole bunch of spam that attempted to pass off as a useful comment but just had the link in the user's URL.

      I also miss that, got a bunch of hits but also it was a great way for me to find some quite clever sites the rest of you guys have.

      A shame.

    the gradients are too intense! especially in the post a comment box which doesn't really fit with the rest of the page

    As long as I can get all my stories with a brief 'synopsis' or intro paragraph, and go page by page in chronological order I'm fine. I *HATE* with a passion the US version of Kotaku / Lifehacker / Gizmodo etc, because it makes it difficult to work out just which stories I want to read in the first place if not using content tags.

    Moral of the story: Looks fine, just don't change it much more.

      Agreed, I really feel as though you've surpassed the US sites here. Please DON'T ever go with their look. This one rocks.

    how do I fix it so the font doesn't look like yuck? I'm on a windows xp machine (yeah at work haha)

    Sweet jesus! Not a subtle change I'll give it that much!

    My biggest gripe is that we still can't track our comments (without bookmarking the URL somewhere) so we can respond to add on comments later.

    Also nice to see that avatar's are now visible on the desktop site - but I take it they only appear for comments made from a mobile browser?

    Oh btw, nice touch that we can now RSS subscribe to US and AU stories independently! Will come most in handy for Gizmodo!

      I don't think that's new... I switched to local posts only for Gizmodo a few months back when the US articles turned to shit.

    I understand Ad's allow you to run this website, but damn.. They are SOO BIG

    Not bad but not amazing.
    I prefer more information density. Perhaps you could add a toggle for that like in the new Gmail look?

    There is a massive gap between the banner and where the story starts for me. It that normal?

    (I am on Chrome)

      Yep, I had the same issue so I checked on FF and there's a Nokkia ad there. So I assume it's because I use adblock on Chrome.

    Personally not a huge fan of so many gradients (I'd prefer the top-most bar to be flat), but the design is pretty awesome :D

    If you're running a maxmised window, the fixed width area means there is a lot of black on the page when you scroll past the header - just something to think about?

    Well i like it. Makes a technology website look technological and less 'bloggy'

    The Comment system still need a major overhaul.

      There is an upgrade to the comments system in the works as well.

        Very glad to hear it! The comment system we have is archaic...

        Yay! This news pleases me :D

    Hate it....loved the sunny white color

    Lol with adblock plus it looks so EMPTY. I shudder at how much it must be plastered with advertising

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