Written? Kitten! Uses Cats To Motivate Your Writing

When I did the NaNoWriMo challenge last year, I found that I didn't benefit much from specialised writing tools. But if you need an incentive to keep pumping out words, Written Kitten might do the trick. For every 100 words you type, you get a fresh picture of a cat.

Beyond that, it's just a text input box, so you'll want to copy the results of your hard work and save it somewhere else. If you're a fool for all things feline, though, it might be a handy tool.

Written? Kitten!


    Hard way to get pussy

    There its been said!

    You know you were thinking of it

    Sweet. Porn or kittens FTW.

    I built Page Buoy (http://www.pagebuoy.com) to motivate folks, I reckon I can roll this in with it.

    I recommend Write or Die http://writeordie.com/ for those who need consequences for inaction. It starts by makiing small signals if you are not writing, but progressively ups the level of terror until it starts tormenting you with rick astley songs etc. it's evil but it ... well it's evil anyway ... :)

    now available as an app of course.

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