Worst Password List Has All The Usual Suspects

The fallout from the Facebook porn scandal of the past few weeks continues, with software company SplashData listing the top 25 most commonly used “bad” passwords. You can probably list the top 10 with your eyes closed.

As expected, “password” tops the list, with “123456” coming in at number two. Other worthless attempts at security include “monkey”, “iloveyou” and “abc123”.

While it’s unlikely that any of Lifehacker’s intelligent, tech-savvy (not to mention good-looking) readers would use any of the passwords on the list, it’s still a timely reminder to ensure that you’re doing the best to make password hacking a touch more difficult for nefarious types online. There are plenty of ways to create secure passwords for your online sites, many of which have been covered right here.

And while it’s always an uncomfortable conversation, it’s worth talking to your family members and friends – especially the less tech savvy ones – to discreetly discuss the importance of using strong passwords. If you’ve got any tips on how to have those conversations, feel free to share them below.

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