Whipped Coconut Milk Lasts Longer Than Cream

Whipped cream has a short shelf life, but if you're looking for a simple trick to extend it and make a tasty dairy-free snack topping, Instructable user annahowardshaw has a dead-simple recipe for coconut whipped cream.

The basics of the instructions don't differ from your average whipped cream recipe, with the only change being using a can of chilled coconut milk instead of whipping cream. The results are supposedly just as thick, but with the added benefit of being dairy-free, which means a longer shelf life because the ingredients won't separate. Find the full instructions over on Instructables.

Coconut Whipped Cream [Instructables]


    with 10x the fat!

      Nothing wrong with fat; plus the fats in coconut are currently regarded as rather healthy.

    Cool Whip.

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