What Are Your Biggest Twitterbook+ Annoyances?

Everyone has those one or two friends in their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ feeds that updates way too often, shares uncomfortable personal statuses and floods your feed with Foursquare checkins. We're wondering what your biggest pet peeves are, and how you deal with them.

Obviously, you can just unfollow or unfriend people, but that isn't always ideal. Perhaps the person is your friend and might get offended, or perhaps they really do share interesting things once in a while — but make up for it by annoying you the other half of the time. So we're curious: what are your biggest annoyances, and how do you bring them up to people? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


    I hate check ins. Wish there was a good way to filter them.

    For Facebook, I make use of the option to not see that person in my feed, particularly with distant relatives.

    Yup... I completely avoid twittter. For facebook, I do hate those dinner photos, check-ins, youtube clip sharings and all the social event promotions.

    maybe that just make me a person who hates people.

    I tick those busy facebook hoppers 'Only Important Updates' but not really working. I would love to know the solution of it.

    the worst thing on twitterbook is the open ended, cryptic updates.. oh.. and FMLing a first world problem.. 'no peanut butter left - FML'.

    I reckon facebook should introduce a reddit style of up/down votes.. it then learns what you like and don't like


    Misogynistic updates. It is sadly way too common.

    Same person posting baby photos every day, one or two a week is fine but I do not need to see your child grow in real time.

    Someone who posts the same article through their general and then their business page.

    People who repost things for the "morning" crowd and then the "evening" crowd.

    Passive aggressive comments about people that they refuse to name even though it's pretty obvious who they are talking about.

    Single mothers whose every second post is how they are doing it tough, but it's ok because they love their kids. Don't tell me that you love your kids, tell them!

    Blatant attention seeking updates, in the style of, Life sucks! Everyone hates me. Or anything else that is just so negative.

      Baby photos, ecography photos... 'My little one likes bananas!'

    I'm almost surprised no one has said anything about the over use of makeup for profile pictures, including the duck face.

    Also - I hate notes on facebook; those quiz ones that ask about peoples lives, they are so repetitive and people who do ten a day really need to get some sort of an actual life.

    blow by blow account of sports events that im not interested (e.g. tennis). also, fangirl posts ("oh my! rafa just took off his shirt").

    Everything about facebook annoyed me, to the point where I was actually starting to dislike family members, ("no Mum, I will not water your damn carrots!") so I deleted, and it's probably one of the best things I've ever done! Everyone asks me if I miss it but I honestly don't even think about it until someone mentions it.

    Those updates asking you to please repost in your status for a certain amount of time and that will show who really cares....ugh dont force your ideas on other people!

      Here's my bullet proof plan to avoid reading peoples updates by even by mistake when you want to use Facebook (since I don't want to even KNOW that people are making such horrible status updates etc): avoid the home page like the plague. Within no time, Chrome learned I always intend to access fb by going to my profile or Inbox. Or bookmark said page.

      Just AVOID any news feed/home page area.

    On top of all the mentioned passive aggressive and general attention seeking.

    The social engineering questions to get your age, birth-date, mothers maiden name, etc. Does nobody see that you are providing people with an easy way to guess your secret questions. And you wonder why your email and FB accounts keep being compromised.

    I have someone who posts the time at the start of all their statuses. It's not something I would unfriend for, but it's pretty weird.

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