Virgin Simple Plan Has No Commitment And Lousy Data

Virgin Mobile's new Simple plan is clearly aimed at people who use phones as, well, phones: the big selling points are no flagfall and a flat 15 cent/minute rate that applies to 105 international destinations as well as Australia. Just don't make the mistake of using it on its own with a smart phone.

The plan charges 15 cents per local text, and has a 90-day expiry (with credit rolling over if you renew during that period). But it only includes 100MB of data, and excess usage is charged at 0.2 cents per KB (that's $2/MB, which you could chew through pretty quickly). You can avoid that with one of its $10 data bundles (which gives you 1GB for 30 days), but you'd need to make sure you signed up for that first.

Recharge values are $19, $29, $49, $79 or $99. You can also choose an automatic recharge, which effectively turns the plan into a no-contract postpaid option.

Virgin Mobile has been revamping its plans quite a bit recently, having introduced the potentially pricey Pick & Mix prepaid option and slimmed down its postpaid plans.

Virgin Mobile


    15c call rates for International destinations is a plus, otherwise Amaysim PAYG plan is better:
    Minimum Recharge $10$ (not $19)
    Data Usage 5c/MB (not $2/MB)
    P.S A $10 prepaid data bundle gives you 300MB not 1GB as the article suggests

    That 15c/min call rate is what they have all gone for and with no flagfall. Savvytel is at the same level. The key difference with the data is that it is charged per KB and not per MB as it is with Optus, Amaysim and many others. This charging denomination makes a difference. Yes data is an issue but none of the others give you more data at that rate either. You can't have it both ways. if you want more value go for a cap.

    Actually it is per 60KB not per 1KB.

    Why don't people just go with the Topless plans from Virgin?

    The only reason I see people using the simple plans are for the (sorta) long expiry.

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