Use Your iPhone’s Headset To Take Pictures From Afar

Use Your iPhone’s Headset To Take Pictures From Afar

If you want a super-steady shot from your iPhone’s camera — or want to take a picture of yourself from a tripod — you can actually use the volume button on your iPhone’s headset to take a picture.

Photo by With Associates.

One of iOS 5’s coolest shortcuts is the ability to take a picture using your phone’s volume up button, making it act a bit more like a real camera. However, what you may not have realised is that using the volume up button on the Apple Remote Earphones — which come with every iPhone — will also take a picture. That way, you can put your iPhone on a DIY tripod and take a picture of you and your friends from far away, or just take a super-steady picture without your hands muddying up the shot. It even works with some Bluetooth headsets, too — though your mileage may vary with non-Apple peripherals.

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