Treehouse Is An Online Learning Resource For Aspiring Designers And Developers

Treehouse Is An Online Learning Resource For Aspiring Designers And Developers

Although there are a number of great ways to learn online, most of them cost a bit of money. Treehouse not only offers design and development lessons of exceptional quality — both in production and content — but offers them entirely for free.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basics of object oriented programming, the principals of good design, or how to make an iPhone app, Treehouse will teach you for free. They offer a bunch of video lessons to take you through your topic of choice, explain everything in clear and precise terms, and award you badges as you make your way through. I’ve been meaning to improve my pathetic Objective C skills and learn to develop for iOS but had yet to come across a set of lessons I really liked. After watching a few at Treehouse I was pretty hooked. If you’ve been looking to pick up one of these valuable skills as well, their lessons are definitely worth checking out.



  • Ummm.. Free? I went there to try it out and watch an HTML5 video. It said I needed to sign up to watch it. When I go to sign up they want $29 a month. How is that free?

  • A response on how this is free would be appreciated. Is it possible or is the article written in such a way that it pretends that the author has viewed the site and been “hooked”. Excuse my scepticism.

  • Lol, it’s not free… I’m curious to see if it does what it aims to do, that is ” teach Web Design, Web Development and iOS, to everyone in the World who wants to learn”. Teaching is not as easy as creating nice videos. We learn best when we act on something to absorb the information. E.g. take notes, discuss with other students, try out the code on a terminal. e.g. I’m not new at Web development or iOS, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness. I did get bored and wanted to skip ahead though. The site is beautifully created, but lacking in substance.

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