Toast Sandwich Is The Ultimate Cheapskate Meal

We’re no strangers to eating on the cheap here at Lifehacker, but for a basic meal, this might be hard to beat: the toast sandwich. Yes, two slices of bread with a piece of toast in between.

Picture by Ewan Munro

The toast sandwich “recipe” apparently dates back to the infamous Victorian-era Mrs Beeton cookbook, but it’s seen a revival of interest this week in the UK after the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) described it as the UK’s “cheapest meal”.

The RSC estimates that a single toast sandwich costs around 7.5 pence (around 12 cents). In Australia, it’s marginally more. (I noted myself earlier this year that bargain-priced groceries are even cheaper in the UK than they are here.)

If you picked up a $1 loaf and it has about 20 slices, the bread will cost 15 cents. You could allow a couple of cents or so for el-cheapo margarine, so it does come in as slightly cheaper than a packet of 2-minute noodles (around 23 cents if bought in bulk). I don’t think I’d make it a regular part of my menu, but I am strangely tempted to try it.

Toast sandwich is UK’s ‘cheapest meal’ [BBC News]

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