Toast Sandwich Is The Ultimate Cheapskate Meal

We're no strangers to eating on the cheap here at Lifehacker, but for a basic meal, this might be hard to beat: the toast sandwich. Yes, two slices of bread with a piece of toast in between.

Picture by Ewan Munro

The toast sandwich "recipe" apparently dates back to the infamous Victorian-era Mrs Beeton cookbook, but it's seen a revival of interest this week in the UK after the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) described it as the UK's "cheapest meal".

The RSC estimates that a single toast sandwich costs around 7.5 pence (around 12 cents). In Australia, it's marginally more. (I noted myself earlier this year that bargain-priced groceries are even cheaper in the UK than they are here.)

If you picked up a $1 loaf and it has about 20 slices, the bread will cost 15 cents. You could allow a couple of cents or so for el-cheapo margarine, so it does come in as slightly cheaper than a packet of 2-minute noodles (around 23 cents if bought in bulk). I don't think I'd make it a regular part of my menu, but I am strangely tempted to try it.

Toast sandwich is UK's 'cheapest meal' [BBC News]


    I have one better, catch a bird then eat that. That's free!

      This reminds me of the guy from GTA3's talk back radio.

      "Pigeon, Pigeon is good too. Sometimes they come with notes attached, its like a fortune cookie with wings"

    You could put it in a sandwich press and have a toasted toast sandwich.

    @Rocco:You sly fox, where did you learn to write?

    OK, LifeHacker. I took the bait, and just made myself a fresh and tasty toast sandwich.

    Verdict: There's a little bit of food psychology going on here. The warmth and crunchiness tricks your brain into thinking it's getting a yummy treat, but then the tastebuds kick in and sharply remind you that it's nothing but bread-on-bread action. Something akin to pleasurably viewing the fashion channel when it unexpectedly crosses to male haute couture at a critical moment

    Henceforth, I shall rename this culinary delight Mouthful o' Sadness, and may we never speak of this insanity again.

      I think "bread on bread action" wins an internet for the strangest mental image I've had in a long time.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    If you want true cheapassness, try a piebuddy. 2 pieces of bread, with half a home-brand meat pie between them. So one pie (which in home brand flavour comes in at like 40c) plus 4 pieces of bread, and you've got a pretty filling meal for around 50cents.

      Now I've read this, I need to have it for lunch. I'll report back.

    This recipe is a bit like stone soup.

    It starts off as something simple, and then they suggest extra fillings like sardines and eggs to fill it up. at the end of the day it just turns into a normal sandwhich

      Don't forget to add a rusty nail into your water to give it that extra yumminess!

    When times were tough back in the day (like 5 years ago for me lol). I'd only eat wholemeal toast with a small amount of butter. I mean like every day. 2 slices here, 4 slices there etc. I was dead broke (because I was immature with cards and bills)... Funny thing is, with all the bread (carbs) i'd eat. I LOST weight lol... So win win i guess...haha

    Seems like the recipe for a truly epic case of dry-mouth

    Cheapest meal? Its 3 slices of bread, 1 slice toasted. If they aren't cut into slices its just what? A bread roll. Shock horror, a bread roll is a cheap meal.

    Got home hungry @ 11pm, and was too tired to actually make something substatial - so tried this (albeit, with one slice of bread cut into 3 - I'm poor and didn't want to waste 3 pieces of bread if I hated it).

    Either I was so hungry that I'd eat anything, or it was actually good.
    I used thick wholemeal bread, margarine and salt (I don't like pepper).
    Kind of reminded me of a hot chip sandwich - which I love. You get the crunch and salt like you would if you had chips as your filling.

    Granted I only had the equivalent of 1/3 of this meal, so if you were to make the full option, it may get dry toward the end.

    My verdict : Surprisingly good.

    Did not think much of this but today when I was making a Vegemite Sandwich with the last of the bread I had a slice of bread left over so I toasted it buttered it on both sides and put it in the Vegemite Sandwich, it added a nice warm crunch. So a straight Toast Sandwich - I don't think so, but as a cheep addition to jazz up a regular sandwich - its a winner.

    You'd be better off buying 250gm of butter and eating that without the bread.

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