The Wall-Mounted Gaming Consoles Workspace

This triple monitor workspace not only has floating monitors mounted to the wall, but also an impressive gaming console wall. "The Wall" holds a Wii, PS3 and XBox, as well as the necessary HDMI switch and other peripherals.

Instructables user Digitalrice offers in-depth instructions and schematics for how to create this command centre yourself. The consoles are held with brackets, some of them ingeniously sprayed with Plasti-Dip to hold them in place. No cables are running behind the wall in this setup, and Digitalrice has even mounted the surge protectors.

It's a space-saving solution for when you've got a lot of gear.

The Wall [Instructables]


    wow, that's butt ugly.

      Also the amount of heat generated must be phenomenal. The PS3's vents are blocked by the Xbox360's. This could definitely be a world first. He could actually overheat his 360 while playing his PS3.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    Ugly as sin, things like that should not be seen, stealth it all.

    Haters gunna hate!

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