The Sleek White Workspace

The Sleek White Workspace

The showstopper for today’s featured workspace is this sleek custom-built L-shaped desk and the accompanying drawers for lots of storage space.

Carolina di Paola (a.k.a. Geekah on Flickr) designed the desk himself and had it made by a carpenter. di Paola also made the Beats Studio headphone stand.

All in all, a very clean-looking workspace that manages to not look cramped even in what appears to be limited space. Thanks to the unusual desk and the contrast of the black hardware, the workspace has a lot of visual interest too.

My new desk [Flickr]


  • It looks too cramped for my liking. Remove the left hand draws and it would be ok. At least the setup has monitors for speakers even if they might not be the best.

  • Probably stating the obvious here, but I think the set of drawers on the left hand side are one wheels, so you could move them out and have more surface space (and leg room) when needed, and roll them away to keep it tidy when you were finished.

    If it was my space they’d be out all the time, but I’m lazy and always at my desk.

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