The His And Hers Workspace

Today's featured workspace packs in a lot of gear — enough, in fact, for two people. Flickr user Hifidelity2009 and his wife arranged the desks and monitors for optimal sharing of the space.He adds this trick to saving space:

The biggest spacesaver is what you don't see here. I drilled 3 large holes and placed the 3 machines (2 macpros and a custome pc) I run on the other side, behind the couches in the living room. This also allowed me to run a gigabit cat5 cable all the way to the living [room] for my big screen.

01_HisandHersWorkstation [Flickr]


    wow, how can 2 people use so much stuff!

    enough for two people? looks like enough for at least 5.

      Also, those tiles look like sound deadening.. matched with the keyboard it looks like a recording studio. But there are paper pin-wheels and phones in there. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!

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