Telstra Ultimate Cable Now Available Across Australia

Melbourne residents have been able to get Telstra's 100Mbps Ultimate cable internet service since March this year, and now the rest of the cable-connected nation is finally following suit. The service will be available in Perth from November 30, and in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Adelaide from December 12.

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Telstra's press announcement reminds us that you can't get the service unless there's already an HFC (pay TV) cable network in your area (which means only capital cities). Because of the peculiarities of Telstra's billing system, you also can't get it unless your existing Telstra account number has 13 digits.

As we noted at the Melbourne launch, the plans aren't cheap and contention means the speeds are unpredictable, but it's good to see them more widely available.


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    "Across Australia" got me excited, but still only the capitals? :(

      And even then, the existing HFC footprint doesn't cover the entirety of those cities.

      Getting everyone to report that it's "nation-wide" is a spectacular marketing win for Telstra.

      Seems no one actually bothered to read their PR statement, just re-wrote it and published it (Lifehacker isn't the only one who did this, BTW). Excellent journalism.

    100mbit down 2mbit up....
    DOCSIS 3 can do 100x this...
    I cannot comprehend any benefits of this service at 2mbit. If it was a little faster upload i would change my work's SHDSL to this internet plan in a heartbeat! Would save thousands a year too!

      Telstra do not want you using consumer tech in the business, even if it a better fit. How else would they still sell their 2-4Mb/s symmetrical fibre solutions if they allowed Annex M on DSL. Their business model of raping customers would be stuffed...

    Who the hell has 13 digit numbers? I thought we were only up to 10!

      account numbers mate, not phone numbers

      13 digit account numbers...

        Ah.. Doh..!

    The Ultimate cable upgrade was actually completed in Melbourne in December 2009 and has been available to consumers since early 2010.

    Available all across Australia.

    whats the 'FAP' box in the picture? or is that something I don't want to know...

      rofl, one can only imagine what the FAP box is for

    I have just followed the Telstra links but I cant see what the prices are for 100Mbps downloads. Can someone please help? Maybe the prices are the same for what I currently have? I currently have Liberty Cable with up to 30mbps, 200 GB/m.

      500GB Ultimate Plan is;
      24 Month with landline - $99.95
      12 month with landline - $119.95
      12 month no landline - $129.95

      The next down is 200GB, then 50GB, then 5GB.

    Is it just me, or does that cable cap (The black thing) say 'FAP' on it?
    Must be really good speed... FAP FAP FAP!

    Just looked on the TLS website, apparently Telstra doesn't even offer ADSL to my ACT address

    Gold Coast, I wonder if that includes the Tweed area.. I have seen Telstra out recently doing upgrades.. Would love cable internet here.

    Available all across (urban) Australia.
    And available to all (wealthy urban) Australians.
    There's nothing more (urban) Australian than Telstra.

    Being a technophile and a gamer and living in the Pilbara suuuuuuuuUUUuuucks.

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