Telstra BlackBerry BIS Charge $10 A Month

A footnote to our post earlier this week noting that Telstra is once again offering Blackberry Individual Service (BIS) for consumers who purchase its handsets. While that option is being bundled for free with the Bold 9900 , you can get it on sub-$99 plans for $10 extra a month.

That still means BlackBerry on Telstra is a lot more expensive than with rival carriers. Nonetheless, it's a lot better than the $29.95 a month that Telstra was charging previously. In another useful development for BlackBerry owners, from today you can also charge App World purchases directly to your Telstra bill.


    BIS is Blackberry Internet Service, I believe. :)

      Interchangeable, but officially it is Blackberry Individual Service as opposed to BES (Blackberry Enterprise Service)

    It's called that by other networks, but Telstra invented their own name for it, but it referes to the same service. :)

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