Survive A Mugging By Carrying A Decoy Wallet

Hopefully you're not travelling to dangerous places with any regularity, but we've all found ourselves in more crime-ridden parts of the world at some point. If you want to save your hide, Wired suggests that it helps to carry an offering of money or other wealth so your attacker isn't enraged at getting nothing.

The idea isn't to keep all your life savings in your pocket to hand over to your mugger or kidnapper, but to offer a little incentive for them to let you go. Wired explains:

The only thing worse than a mugger is a mugger who is pissed off because he has to leave empty-handed. Carrying cash may save your life. Make it a point to always have $100 on you to satiate a potential attacker, but keep it in a decoy wallet separate from your real wallet with any important documents or identification cards you may need.

If you need somewhere to keep your real wallet, stick it in your DIY secret agent boonie hat.

How to Survive a Kidnapping [Wired How-To Wiki]


    I was always terrified of being mugged when I first moved to London, and I took to carrying a fake wallet with old library cards, video shop cards, and a fiver in it. But then I got really anxious, because I thought what if I hand over my fake wallet and he goes "Well, this is a fake wallet"? Then I'd have to hand over the real wallet, and then he'd take it out on me because he's angry. So then I took to carrying a second fake wallet. So I spent about two months carrying three wallets around, two of which were fake.

    You know the reason I stopped? Because I thought what if I give him one fake wallet, he opens it and goes "Well this is a fake wallet", I give him the second fake wallet -- now he's going to be twice as angry as he would have been if he only had the one fake wallet. Then I thought, what if I do give him the fake wallet, and he starts using the library cards, and the video cards? He could run up a huge fine, and I'd be in the same position as if I'd given him the money.

      After all that, were you ever mugged in London!?

      I lived in London for 5 years and never once felt like I was in danger of being mugged... and for 2 of those years I lived in Stepney Green in the East End.

        I wonder what Karl would have to say about carrying three wallets?

    Another reason why I also keep expired credit cards - carry one in your decoy wallet also.

    What can i mugger do with an expired card..? is it safe, or would you have to call the bank if they took it?
    I mean, sure they can't withdraw money, but can they access any personal info with it?
    Just curious..

      usually card numbers don't change if it's a straight up expiry instead of a cancellation so they could add 4 years and mail order stuff, that is a bit more risky than just going to an atm tho.

    I learnt this a long time ago. Whenever I need to travel to unsavory suburbs in the land far west, I tend to carry a wallet, which bears little taste to unethical citizens of society.

    Velcro wallet, rather scruffy, $20 note wrapped around my Smartrider, along with generally $1,500 ~ $2,000 cash in the change pocket, gg not having my car license.

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